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There are diverse house buyers and property sellers in today’s real estate market. This rowdiness has brought about an increase in fraudsters in the real estate market who tags themselves as cash house buyers. Many house owners have fallen victims of these fraudsters who promise mouth-watering real estate benefits with no track record to show for it.

In our decade of dealing directly with diverse financially distressed property owners in Tampa, we have made countless of genuine cash offers for the purchase of properties with hundreds of deals closed. In almost every case of our offering, we have experienced instant trust between the house seller and us. However, there are a few cases where sellers question the authenticity of house buyers.

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What you need to know about Cash House Buyers

Cash house buyers are people or companies who possess the cash to buy a house outright without the interference of third parties or securing a mortgage. They are mostly registered or licensed companies that specialize in purchasing properties for cash, such as Mr2days in Tampa, Florida.

When a potential sale falls through halfway or at completion, it can be overly costly for the seller as well as build up frustrations. Nearly a third of real estate sales fall through after offer acceptance in the United States, which has cost house sellers more than they bargained. There are diverse reasons why a property sale falls through, which include: an individual party changing their mind or focus in the transaction chain. Also, it can be as a result of failure to generate enough funds by house buyers, or discovery of house faults during the sales process.

Working with cash house buyers like Mr2days can help prevent some of these issues highlighted. It will speed up the sales process and guarantee a cash offer after a valuation of the property. Once you accept the offer, the sale can be closed in a matter of days or hours, such as the Mr2days we buy houses platform.

How to Vet House Buyers

There is no precise method of determining whether the house buyers you’re dealing with are professionals or wannabes. However, in our years of experience, we have found these following tips essential in making a concrete decision:

Integrity from day 1: Without any detailed research and background check, you can know if you are dealing with genuine house buyers from the way they handle the deal right from the contact. When they stay true to their words, then there are a high possibility that they are true and professionals.

Check for their last purchased house for cash: Another sure way of vetting your house buyers is to find out how regular they buy properties with cash in your area. Their track record is the key to their future dealings.

Verify their Source of Funds: Because someone is offering cash does not mean that they have the funds. You can verify through testimonials or proven bank statements. This verification will save you the stress of going halfway through the deal.

Ensure the Buyers’ verbal commitments are written in the contract: When negotiating with cash house buyers, ensure to note down all verbal promises in a notepad. When the final contract is offered, verify if the contract tallies with their verbal commitments.

There is no full-proof method to determine if you’re dealing with a real cash house buyer or a pretender. However, the tips offered above can get you started in deciding whether you are working with a genuine and professional house buyer or a wannabe.

Mr2days in Tampa, Florida

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