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It was reported by the National Association of realtors that over 6 million houses that were newly constructed were sold in the year 2017. An insignificant percentage of those houses were sold directly by the owners who are often referred to as FSBO. It is also believed that owners who go-ahead to sell their houses directly often gets the deal completed within 2-4 weeks. For agent-assisted deals, the deal is believed to averagely last between 3-6 weeks. However, the average selling price for agent-assisted deals was $250,000, while that of FSBO deals was around $190,000.

These real estate deals however have been greatly challenged by the recent trend of cash buyers. Cash buyers are known to close deals faster within 2 days to 2 weeks. They are also much known for offering fast and fair market price, with full cash at the closing. This recent trend has caused many homeowners to continuously ponder on the question “how to sell my house fast.” In Clearwater and Florida at large, it is believed that many smart homeowners now sell their properties to cash buyers like Mr2days who closes deals within 48 hours and offers full cash on closure.

What insights do the statistics and data above provide? If you are thinking of how to sell my house fast, cash buyers are the best way forward. Yes, there are certain challenges that come with selling to cash buyers, however, the pros outweigh the cons. And, fortunately for homeowners, the advantages of selling to cash buyers in Clearwater or anywhere else in the United States outweighs that of selling through an agent or directly.

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How Do I Sell My House Fast Without Stress and for Full Value

Make it sellable

The first personal question you must ask when thinking of answers to how to sell my house fast is – how sellable is my house? Do you want some high value on your house? Then you should turn it into a house that buyers would want to buy. Work on the house, and make it sellable, and you will be surprised how fast your house will be purchased. However, the fortunate thing for house owners is that Cash buyers don’t need you to spend extra time and cash on repairs, as they can buy in as-is condition.

Set a price

Here is mostly the challenging part for homeowners. Since most homeowners don’t have experience in the real estate market, they mostly have difficulties setting a price for their houses. The best way to overcome this challenge is to compare the prices of similar houses in your location and conduct an appraisal to set a suitable price. For those in Clearwater, you can easily overcome the challenge of “how to sell my house fast” by working with Cash buyers like Mr2days – they offer fair market prices.

Understand your house selling points

You should understand what the main features of your house are when trying to overcome the real estate challenge of “how to sell my house fast” in Clearwater or anywhere in the world. When you understand these points, list them in the brochure or listings. When dealing with fast cash buyers like Mr2days in Florida, include these points in your description, with the location, lot size, numbers of your bedrooms and bathrooms. You should also mention specific details of the house such as stainless steel appliances, oversized windows, granite countertops, and hardwood floors. They all help with the valuation of your house to avoid back and forth.


Whenever a buyer shows interest, do well to negotiate. You must understand that prospective buyers such as direct buyers or cash buyers submit an offer, which you can either accept or revise. When you are not pleased with the offering, send a revision to the buyer, rather than run away from the deal. Here is one common mistake house owners make when trying to achieve the feat of “how to sell my house fast without stress.” During negotiations, remember that price isn’t everything, and you might be getting emotional with the valuation. This is more reason why many homeowners sell to cash buyers like Mr2days in Clearwater. They are known to clarify all angles and get emotional entanglements out of the deal’s way.

Mr2days in Clearwater

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