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Are you interested in selling your home and confused of whom to approach? You can avoid the stress of a complicated home transaction process easily by selling to home investors.

These kinds of sales may allow sellers to bypass many boring and time wasting processes. You might have been trying to sell to a traditional buyer with no positive mark, selling to a home investor speeds up the sales process.

However, before you accept an offer from a home investor, it is imperative you understand how the process works and differs.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about selling your home to a professional home investor at Mr2days.

All you need to Know About Home Investors 

Selling to an investor saves time and stress, but it’s better to know what you are getting into before full commitment. There’s a new type of home investor called iBuyer that helps homeowners sell their property fast for the right price.

Whether you make the sale with a traditional investor or an iBuyer, you get a faster close, an all cash offer, and an as-is sale.

When trying to sell to a private investor without a listing agent, you need to carry out your due diligence to avoid scams. There are many companies that buy homes for cash, make sure you work with a reputable property investment firms like Mr2Days.

Traditional Home Buyers

Traditional home buyers are those who buy properties to reside in primarily or as a vacation center. A traditional buyer makes offers based on their perception of your home, their emotional attachment and their local research on its market value.

Traditional home buyers, conduct deals based on emotions. Factors like a big yard for playing kids, or a big dining for a large family could determine the value they offer for your home.

Who Are Home Investors?

Home investors are either individuals or companies who buy homes as part of a business or investment strategy. Companies that buy homes usually buy in bulk unlike individual investors.

Common Reasons Why people sell to investors

There are various situations where it is advisable to sell to home investors rather than traditional buyers. Listed below are some of these reasons:

  • Foreclosure
  • Inherited home
  • Timeline flexibility
  • Escrow
  • Disrepair
  • Relocation
  • Divorce
  • Tenants
  • Zero Possible Finance

Why sell to home investors

Even if your personal reasons for sales is not listed above, you might greatly benefit from selling to home investors. Here are some of the possible benefits:

Simplified Transaction: The home is being sold in its current condition, you won’t have to worry about making repairs in order to sell. Traditional buyers on the other hand often request for repairs as a home inspection contingency for a successful sale. All closing costs and service fees are included in your offer with home investors unlike traditional buyers, who sometimes are helped by sellers with closing costs.

Flexible Timeline: When working with a traditional buyer, you have to agree upon a closing date, with the buyer mostly calling the shots. Literally, it means you have to be out of the home on the closing date.

Investors are mostly more flexible with closing dates than their counterparts. You may also have the option of leaving unwanted things behind when dealing with home investors, which is unlike traditional buyers. With buyers like Mr2Days, you even get more control. The closing date is simply up to you.

All Cash Offers: Both traditional and home investors buy with cash. However, traditional buyers mostly take time to arrange the total fee unlike home investors. Home investors like Mr2Days mostly have their cash ready for any transaction at any time without the help of any third party loan or financing.

Quick escrow period: Traditional buyers mostly require a 45-day escrow period where they get to inspect, appraise, and get mortgage approval. It sometimes takes a traditional buyer weeks or months to close a deal. However, that is not the case with home investors, mostly iBuyer like Mr2Days. An iBuyer closes more quickly in matter of days. In Tampa, Florida, Mr2Days has the best and fastest closing period of 2 days. You simply choose how fast you want the deal to go.


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