So you’re in a position that you want to sell your home fast. Maybe it’s an unwanted property or maybe you want to stop foreclosure. If you need to sell your home fast for any reason, you can’t just sit down and wait for the perfect buyer to come fast, with cash, and paying top dollars. Hopefully that’s not your strategy. So what can you do?

Answer the Question “How Can I Sell My Home Fast in Tampa?” Focus on These 4 Tips:

1. Price

It is a little painful to accept where the pricing sweet spot is. If you price it too low… you would leave money on the table and/or potential home buyers might even wonder there could be something wrong with the house. If you price it too high, the house may sit for a long time, only to come back and you having to lower the price until it finally sells. And once again, home buyers might start thinking there’s something wrong.

Is it worth the inconvenience? Can I really sell my home fast on my own?

Everything sells for the right price, but in real estate, more than anything it pays to hire help from the pros. We do not offer this service openly, but even if you are not going to sell your house to us, we would like to hear you out and give you some help if you need it. We buy houses cash, as fast as 48 hours, but if you just want some information maybe not for now but maybe for the near future, let us help you.

Many sellers try to start at a higher sales price with the intention of being flexible at the time of negotiations. But in the process these sellers lose real buyers thinking that they could’ve sold for more.

How do I sell my home fast? 

Again…  sitting too long not selling doesn’t help, because now home buyers and agents may see it as an old listing and assume that your property needs a lot of work or wouldn’t even pass inspection. How about if you let us help you? We buy houses in Tampa, West and Central, Florida. How about if we buy your house fast for cash, and you let us assume all those unpredictable variables of selling a house? Let us give you cash, and we keep the problem. Believe me, it would be the end of problems for you. Just the beginning for us because now we need to deal with all the repairs and countless hours of work that you don’t need to deal with anymore.

2. Curb Appeal

Put yourself in the home buyer’s shoes. Not all of them do what we do and how we do it. We offer cash for houses and that’s what we do. We buy houses cash as fast as 48 hours. But we do this for a living and we are used to it. But think about the “average Joe” who is finally buying his house for the first time in his life. “Joe” the home buyer is not thinking the same thing that some experienced cash buyers like us would think. How about “Joe’s” wife? Home buyers now days are very demanding. You cannot expect easy cash for houses and potential home buyers to fall in love with your tiny frame home built in the 1930’s, trying to sell at the same price as the one built in 2010 with  high ceilings, new kitchen, new bathrooms and new everything.

Obviously first impressions matter immensely. The yard and home’s exterior are the first thing that home buyers notice when they pull up to your home. So if your house has been sitting on the market for weeks and weeks and no sale, perhaps you’re already wondering… “How can I sell my home fast in Tampa?”  Improving the curb appeal is one of the best things you can do to flip everything around and sell faster.

Sometimes you can do some cheap touch ups that would take you a long way.  A little garden with landscaping along with a quick paint, fixing a few shingles, dressing windows and cheap Home Depot light fixtures would do visual miracles for your home’s curb appeal.

3. Remove Your Personality Fingerprints

For a quick sale, depersonalizing your property is important. Nobody wants to own something that has another person’s personality stamped all over it.

You could start by taking down those old family photos and painting over those weird taste colors that probably won’t appeal to other people. You can also think about staging your house if you have it vacant with nothing to show, or you can think about renting a storage unit and decluttering it… if you have too much and it’s making you look like a hoarder. The idea is to remove your personality fingerprints so that you can neutralize your property to make it look like a model home.

How do I sell my home fast? Be creative. What you are trying to do is motivate home buyers to make them feel that your property is a place where they can dream and visualize their future playing out.

4. What can you offer  for Add-ons and Extras?

Besides the add-ons and extras, perhaps you want to do something basic but well appreciated such as an open house… offering some food and drinks to have new energy and movement going on. Be sure to clean up the place before the event as the very minimum, considering it’s the only thing that is needing, and make sure to turn on all the lights around the house. It makes it look lighter, bigger and cleaner. Keep in mind that you don’t have to do this. We can make you an all cash, fair market offer and close in 2 days. Therefore you do not have to deal with anything.

If you insist in selling the home yourself, as part of the add-ons and extras you could offer to pay some or all of the closing costs. Home buyers love that because it makes it easier for them and less money out of their pocket. You could also offer a home warranty, transferable to the new buyer with cover on the HVAC and major appliances. This would let the buyer relax and put their mind at ease.

So if you keep asking yourself this simple question: “can I sell my home fast in Tampa?” These 4 tips are vital then, and a good starting point, though, there’s a lot more that we can suggest you to do to sale your home fast, and for the highest possible price.

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